This past September was a dark day for many treatment centers. That’s because Google quietly (and without notice) turned off all Drug Rehab advertising. Many companies, like the ones I work with, were cut off at the knees. I had one client that was getting about 70% of their patients from these ads.  Sure, they were expensive, but they worked.

Our sister company (800 Recovery Hub) was also successfully using Google Adwords to place clients across the country.

I was pretty sad, but fortunately, I had not put all my proverbial eggs in one basket. We also use Facebook, Pinterest, Yelp and Twitter advertising.

Secret Sauce for PPC in Addiction Marketing

My main success, since September, has been with Bing Ads.  Yes, that overlooked channel that everyone has written off, as last decades search platform. You will enjoy figures of savings” by using us. That because we have already spent over 200 hours of testing. Now we have a special approach for this misunderstood advertising channel.

We have a turnkey system that includes finding niche keywords for your unique treatment center, matching it with precise ads and driving the clicks to a landing site (that we build from scratch).


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