Community, Social Media and Branding

Social Media Branding

Branding is essentially what determines how people think about your facility. It is your voice. Social media is one of the main avenues that can be utilized to build your brand and convert traffic into admits. You need that voice, particularly in popular areas, where there are a large number of other choices available.

Even with all of the technology that surrounds us, one of the greatest factors in deciding to go with your drug rehab is the personal message that your brand portrays. With social media, you have the opportunity to decide what your message is and how to continue connecting to past clients.

Social media platforms give you the chance to gain trust with your audience by sharing high-quality, valuable content, creating a community of followers, and using networking to build relationships with other industry related professionals.

Building a Recovery Community Will Bring Referrals

The addiction and recovery communities are very passionate. They enjoy learning about recovery, sharing stories of hope, and keeping up to date with new ideas and treatment options to help those who have yet to find recovery.

Tap into that community! Social media gives you the perfect mechanism to do just that.

The bigger a following that is built, the more people will be able to see the amazing content being produced by our content marketing team that is tailored to the addiction treatment industry. The goal is to write informative content and spread it through social media. That provides value and information to this particular piece of content.

Business growth on social media:
1 Daily Management & Posts
2 Custom Content Creation
3 Personal Interactive Engagement
4 Awareness & Follower Growth

Content creation consisting of modern and unique posts that go out on your social media channels every day. We develop the content by using your mission and brand “vibe” to engage people. The bottom line: we use a combination of content that either educates, inspires or informs folks about Addiction and Recovery.

We have made our other clients’ media channels stand out by providing high-quality custom images, including their branding and logo when appropriate.

The personal interactive engagement consists of engaging and interacting with followers on social media. We post content that drives likes, retweets, comments, and shares. It’s important to note that we have authentic conversations with people who may have a need for your rehab services (on a daily basis).

Use Social Media
800 Recovery Hub strategically increases fans and followers for your accounts. The method combines a natural and organic approach. We use hashtags, and follow influencers and high profile accounts. Every day we “like” and comment on other user’s posts, and respond to questions. This also includes a tiny bit of removing inappropriate or “spammy” followers. Any account with profanity, controversy or excessive immaturity is blocked.

Social Media Customization


• Populate important About Section with short organizational description, full address info, location on map, phone number, contact email address, website address, link to twitter account, hours of operation, year founded, categorization
• Upload additional photos of organization (e.g. outside photos, inside photos, staff photos)
• Create and uploaded custom videos
• Create one to two post(s) daily
• Grow the account with increased fans


• Populate account details with short organizational bio, website address, email address
• Create initial visuals and videos
• Create 2 to 4 tweets a day
• Grow to an additional five hundred followers


• Enhance Company Profile
• Create custom large images of organization
• Configure or enhance company type, full address info, contact info, description, categorization, company size


• Set up Instagram Company Page
• Create custom header and company bio, website address, and location
• Create unique visuals with your branding!
• Grow from zero followers to about 500 in 3 months


• Set up Company Page
• Create custom head, bio, website address and location
• Create 5 boards
• Put 10 pins on each board and drive traffic to web page

Live Video

Live is the best way to interact with viewers in real time. Field their frequently asked questions, hear what’s on their mind and check out their real-time reactions to measure how your broadcast is going. How about giving a tour of your treatment facility or interviewing the media staff?

After it’s over we can put it on your website, or host it on your YouTube channel.

Platform specific marketing for your unique treatment center Brand.

Ad campaigns for:

And all the rest …

We know how to create custom audiences for laser specific goals. We design visual social media advertisements that will capture attention from the participants you want at your center. From creating advertising copy to adding the most effective colors to images, will use addiction industry best practices that will work. The social media advertising services we create will get you to your goals.